sustainable technology matters

Creating possibilities for a sustainable future.

planet6 is serious about making an impact and driving change in the way we use technology, consume energy and deliver services. 

To achieve this, we are focused on providing our customers innovative, secure and sustainable solutions so they can build successful and environmentally responsible businesses for the continued survival of our planet.


Applying modern technology solutions to deliver long-term business value.

Delivering on the promise of a sustainable future. Taking action to reduce carbon emissions and achieve net zero.


Managing threats faced from climate change and cyber attack.

planet6 solutions

Strategy & Advisory

Our Technology Consulting practice designs and executes industry-relevant transformations that allow you to realize exceptional business value from technology.


Our sustainability platform and services enable you to baseline your carbon emissions, take action to reduce those emissions and deliver on the promise of net zero emissions.

Managed Cloud

Advanced digital capabilities are disrupting every industry. We enable you to gain agility and efficiency, drive innovation through new data-driven insights, and capture new advantages through cloud-based advances.

Modern Workplace

The nature of work has changed. We provide a modern, hybrid workplace experience that fosters collaboration and productivity and allows employees to work securely from anywhere, on any device.


We deploy a multi-layered security model to protect you from the threat of cyber attack.


We provide secure, high performance and scalable connectivity to enable you to get better performance from your modern apps and maximise value from your networks.

why planet6?

Every one of us places demands upon our planet, the very demands that have caused the changes that threaten us and the natural world we depend on. 

Planet6 was created to make an impact and drive change in the way we use technology, consume energy and deliver services. 

our partners

We have formed partnerships with the world’s leading technology and sustainability companies to create solutions that deliver innovation, security and the promise of a sustainable future.